Straight 8 3i 20"

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The student has outdone the teacher. The Straight 8 children's bike was released as a small copy of the adult model. No loss of coolness here, this is a real bombshell!

This bike is just right for you if

Are you looking for a bike that is as cool, bright and ready for any adventure as your kids are? Kids 20" series is exactly what you need! Riding a bike has never been so fun and intuitive! We create our children's models with the same attention and sensitivity to detail as other Electra bikes, and, of course, at the highest level of quality and comfort. Our patented Flat Foot Technology® frame geometry ensures proper leg extension angles and no tiptoe stops. Kids will be kids. Yours will just be a little cooler.

The technology you get

The Cruiser's steel stable frame and our patented Flat Foot Technology® work in unison to create the most comfortable riding experience. This bike boasts a rear drum foot brake and front hand brake, unique saddle, grips and valve caps to complete all that beauty on the wheels. This bike brings sunshine and warmth even on cloudy and cool days.

The final word

Do you remember when you first tried to ride a bike and balance on it? It doesn’t matter when and how it happened, but we can safely say: it was simple and fun! Do you remember those smiles and the joy of victory? We remember! Electra's children's bikes are immaculate in quality, comfort and handling. The unique and inimitable design will instantly win your children's trust and love for cycling.

You will love it for

1 — Every ride is a new adventure.

2 — You can't get enough of this design.

3 — Our exclusive Flat Foot Technology® is the key to safety, control and comfort..

4 — Kids 20" series feature fenders, beautifully designed saddle and grips – your kids will love it.

5 — This 3-speed bicycle with rear foot brake and front hand brake will make the learning process even easier for your child.



110-140 cm
Wheel size
Max load.
60 kg
Internal Gear Hub
Shimano Nexus
Straight 8 3i 20"