Straight 8 8i

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Chopper Straight 8 or just "The Eight" is the best-selling Electra bike in the world. American motorcycle classics of the 60s combined with ergonomics and technical excellence: thick wheels, wide handlebars, large comfortable saddle. 3 speed internal hub, front roller brake, rear foot brake, aluminium frame and patented Flat Foot Technology®.

This bike is just right for you if

You're looking for powerful design and want a cruiser that's not just a work of art, but also a pleasure to ride. One of our most popular bikes from Attitude - features red spokes, checkerboard rims and custom 8 ball valve caps .

This bike is just right for you if

Straight 8 8i features a hydroformed aluminium tank. It features a Shimano along with the coaster brake and mechanical disc front brake. It rolls Fatti-O on 24" x 3"

The final word


At first glance, the Straight 8 may look like a regular cruiser. But take a closer look. You will notice the smallest details and begin to understand how much time and attention we put into creating a bike that seems simple, but evokes such feelings and emotions. This bike answers the question: "What are you looking at?"

You will love it for:

1 — That very classic and bestselling Electra..

2 — the killer feature all of our cruisers - Flat Foot Technology®

3 — 8-speed Shimano internal hub.

4 — The low profile of a classic chopper on 24" wheels..

5 — Ultimate headliner of our Attitude bikes' series.



Flat Foot Technology

Flat Foot Technology® main reason to choose not just a bicycle but the Electra bicycle. The only way to take everything from the bike you riding. Safety one of the first needs of human being, that's what's will make you love the flat-foot technology®. The ability to touch the ground flat with both of you feet durring the ride gives you the unsurpassed control. Weight moved to the rear wheel prevents the flipping yourself over the handlebar. The flat foot technology® was awarded with two patents, that's why we shure that you never rided bike like this before and you will love the comfort and control that's only Electra bike can give.

Shimano Nexus 8

The Shimano Nexus 8 planetary hub is the ultimate solution and a reliable system. Gear shifting takes place inside, and the hub itself is sealed and protected from dirt.

Hydroformed 6061-T

Light 6061T aluminum frame made even tough looking bike weight like feather. Improved alloy that's good enough to use it in aviation.

Artist Series

Everyday a dozen of desingers workin on special Artist Series bikes, to mark the beautie and the uniqueness of Electra bikes. Electras artist series bikes are works of art on two wheels. Collectors all over the world hunting for a rare models and buying them on auctions. Paint the world around you in the colors you like with the Electra's fashion collections bikes.


155-190 cm
Wheel size
Max load.
130 kg
Internal Gear Hub
Shimano Nexus, Aluminum 6061-T6
Straight 8 8i