Tutti Frutti Sprocket 16"

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Summer every day on the Tutti Frutti 16". Fresh tropical fruits and popsicles adorn the frame of Pink Lemonade, while palm trees and flowers wait to be caught in the sea breeze.

This suits you if...

Are you looking for a bike that's just as cool, bright, and ready for any adventure as your kids? The Sprocket 16" will create unforgettable memories passed down from generation to generation, and a love for biking! We create our children's models with the same attention to detail and sensitivity as other Electra bikes, and of course, at the highest level of quality and comfort. Our patented frame geometry, Flat Foot Technology®, provides proper leg extension angles and eliminates stops "on tiptoes." Kids will be kids. Yours will just be a little cooler.

Technology you get

The Sprocket's sturdy aluminum frame, combined with our patented Flat Foot Technology®, delivers the ultimate in riding comfort. Featuring both front and rear hand brakes, a distinctive saddle, grips, and valve caps that enhance the bike's overall appearance. This single-speed bicycle provides warmth and sunshine even on days that are cool and cloudy.

Last word

Can you recollect when you first learned how to ride a bike and maintain your balance? Regardless of the time or manner of your learning, it's certain that it was a simple and enjoyable experience. Do the smiles and the feeling of triumph come to mind? We remember them too! Electra kids' bikes stand out for their quality, comfort, and ease of handling, while their exclusive and unparalleled designs quickly gain the trust and affection of your kids for their cycling journeys.

Why you will love it?

1 - Each ride is a complete journey.

2 - Distinctive and personalized design.

3 - Our exclusive Flat Foot Technology® provides safety and comfort, allowing you to place your feet on the ground without having to dismount the bike saddle.

4 - The Sprocket 16" is equipped with fenders, a saddle, and grips featuring a beautiful design that your children will adore.

5 - This single-speed bicycle, featuring rear and front hand brakes, simplifies the process of teaching your child how to ride.



90-120 cm
Wheel size
Max load.
60 kg
Tutti Frutti Sprocket 16"