Go! Farther. Go! Faster. Go! Funner.
The beach is in our DNA and the Cruiser is where it all began. It’s the first in a long succession of Electra bikes that bucked convention and made the world take notice. We redefined an American classic with our patented Flat Foot Technology® by opening up the frame geometry, moving the pedals forward and relaxing the seat angle for a more ergonomic, comfy ride. And of course, we dialed it in with our signature Electra style for a ride as unique as you.
There is no equal in the temptation to show our bikes to the whole Electra world! We will bring up to 6 models where and when it will be convenient for you! We'll show you. We'll tell you. And we'll even give you a ride!
Lifetime Warranty
We guarantee. The frame will withstand all travel. Limit: 24" / 26" : 136 kg (rider and bicycle weight) 16" / 20": 60 kg (rider and bicycle weight)
Free maintenance
Electra Family is a hub for happy owners of our bikes. Whatever happens, we will always fix it. We will prepare you for the season technically and set the right mood.
More convenient, farther, more fun than you're used to.
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  1. Townie Original 7D EQ Step-Over
    As low as3 700 AED
  2. Cruiser 7D Step Thru
  3. Loft 7D Step Over
    As low as2 900 AED
  4. Cruiser Lux 3i Flowers
    2 800 AED
  5. Loft 7D Cream (Size S)
    2 900 AED
  6. Townie Original 7D EQ Curry
    3 700 AED
  7. Graffiti 1 16"
    2 100 AED
  8. Townie Original 7D EQ Matte Violet
    3 700 AED
  9. Loft 7D Step Thru
    As low as2 900 AED
  10. Loft 7D Cream (Size M)
    2 900 AED
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